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‘’Paying taxes? Preferably as late and less as possible!’’
But there are always limits, so we focus on what is practically achievable, and financially the best option for you. A realistic approach based on our professionality and experience. Nobody wants to pay expensive bills for consultancy that does not benefit your company.

Vervloet & Co is a tax consultant for individuals and small to medium sized enterprises. Our experienced tax consultants have experience in the field of income tax, corporate tax, VAT, transfer tax, successions and international treaties.

Furthermore, we are happy to think along and advice you with:

  • acquiring or selling a participation
  • a reorganisation/li>
  • transfer of the enterprise within the family or to third parties
  • Fiscal repair work

With very specific cases, Vervloet & Co makes an appeal to a large network of consultants. This ‘on call’ approach, is beneficial for the client. Employing someone with the highest level of expertise within our company is expensive and would result in higher rates. Right now, we only reach to third parties, in consultation with the client, in extremely complicated cases. Because of our ongoing relationship with these third parties, they know exactly what our clients need.

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